Visits begin with a thorough consultation of client lifestyles, habits and skincare history while treatments are then created according to your particular skin needs. Treatment protocols and home care plans are created and re-visited every session, which include morning, evening and internal recommendations, to continue the process of transforming and nourishing skin everyday. 

From plant and nutrient packed serums, oils and masks to very select medical grade products, Minimal Beauty only carries product lines created from high quality, toxin free and sustainably made ingredients that I happily use on myself daily.

Product lines used at Minimal Beauty are chose due to their product efficacy, synergistically written formulas, product research, environmental standards and not to mention, all created by very wonderful people. Shop the Minimal Beauty product collection here.

Minimal Beauty Studio is located in Miami Beach with treatments and visits for product purchases booked by appointment only. Skype appointments for long distance clients are available and include in-depth consultations, wellness plans and product guidance for your skin.

I welcome you to send me a note here for questions and appointments. I personally respond to each and every inquiry and I look forward to connecting with you. 

Hello, I'm Jen, creator of Minimal Beauty, a dedicated little space for anything and everything skin where nature, science and luxury all meet. I believe the skin is a reflection of what is manifesting inside of the body and I'm here to help you navigate through your skincare experience. 

Less is More. Minimal Beauty was born out of a love for natural beauty, wellness and enlightening others through an uncomplicated process of restoring the skin. By understanding your true skin type and your body's constitution, you will learn to care for yourself and your skin on an elevated level through the mindful practices of Ayurveda and other ancient healing modalities.

You will free your mind from the conventional beauty beliefs of complicated routines and unnecessary use of products. You will begin to intuitively communicate with your skin. When this happens, the common conditions from inflammation, congestion, breakouts, premature aging, and such (many signs of impaired barrier function) will begin to diminish. You will learn to heal your own skin and I am here to guide you through the process.