Gua Sha Facial

Meet my newest trick of the trade, the lovely Jade Gua Sha tool. Gua Sha is an ancient Asian healing technique and I use this little lover during my facials with a specific protocol that works to stimulate acupuncture points throughout the face, releasing tension, toxins, stagnant chi (energy) and stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage, leaving your skin revitalized and awake. The Gua Sha tool works by creating a light friction across the skin, opening up the 12 meridian pathways throughout the face. The technique is relaxing and performed with facial massage.

We hold alot of tension throughout our faces, which leads to blood stagnation. Blood carries our nutrients throughout the body and even so, our skin is the last place to receive these nutrients. As Gua Sha breaks up blood stagnation and increases circulation, your face will release tension and blood flows more freely. Your skin is refreshed and your tissues opened up to release toxins and breath.

Our skin is a living and breathing organ, when stimulated by techniques such as Gua Sha, your skin will respond better both internally and externally. Your internal tissues are open and receiving the nutrients they need from blood and lymph is flowing smoothly and doing its job flushing out pathogens and toxins. Externally, your facial muscles are relaxed and tension is released, decreasing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and when your skin is functioning correctly on a cellular level, your external products are able to penetrate better and work more efficiently.

Gua Sha is beneficial for many skin types from congested to aging skin and best results are seen when Gua Sha is performed in a series of facial treatments. If you would like to learn more about my Gua Sha facial techniques and how they can increase your skin health, comment below or contact me here.  I look forward to  connecting with you

Jen | Mininal Beauty