Layers of the Skin in Ayurveda

Layers of skin

Ayurveda recognizes 7 layers of the skin, each one with its own qualities and manifesting skin conditions that may revealing internal pathologies. Life is found in all layers of the skin and functions best when all layers are in harmony with each other. 

1. Avabhasini | Outermost layer of the skin, reflecting luster and aura of the skin. This is where our "inner glow" comes from. Avabhasini does not have a color of its own, as it reflects the colors of our inner layers. Internal and external hydration, as well as massage support this layer of he skin. An imbalance of this layer can cause, acne, pimples and dandruff to arise, This layer represents  the body as a whole an reflects the state of our inner health. 

2. Lohita | This layer directly supports avabhasisni and indicates the quality of blood, Rhakta Dhatu, in the physical body. Rhakta Dhatu carries the fire that invigorates the mind and body. An imbalance in this layer can cause dark eye circles, pigmentation and moles. The color of this layer is molton iron. 

3. Shweta | This layer provides balance to skin color, as it is white, and balances the colors of the inner layers. Eczema, rashes and skin allergies manifest when Shweta is out of balance.

4. Tamra | This layer supports the immune system and nurtures the upper layers of the skin. This layer induces the "barrier" function of the skin. Imbalances of Tamra manifest as infections of the skin.

5. Vedini | This layer is responsible for the perception of sensation and houses the nerves, it connects the skin to the rest of the body. The feel good feeling of massage, as well as pain, exist in this layer. Herpes and painful skin conditions manifest in this layer. 

6. Rohini | This layer consists of blood vessels, gives nourishment to the skin and is where healing and regeneration occur. Imbalance of this layer ceases healing and disappearance of scars. Chronic imbalance can harbor tumors and cancers. A balanced and nutrient rich diet support this layer.

7. Mamsadhara |  Inner most layer of the skin, representing the skins stability, firmness and suppleness. A nourished mamsadhara slows the aging process and induces a youthful complexion. Abscess's, fistula's and deep skin inflammations manifest in this layer when out of balance. 

Each layer of skin supports itself, as well as the next, functioning as a whole. By discovering your Doshic Prakriti (consitution), you can nourish and treat your skin through your Dosha.