The Low Down On Supplements

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Curious clients often ask about vitamins and supplements for their skin and health in general. My biggest go-to’s that I recommend for skin health would include lemon water upon awakening, fish oils, preferably cod liver oil, which contains high amounts of naturally occurring Vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin great for increasing skin cell turnover and clearing up skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and pillaris keratosis. If I had to choose a universal go to, Turmeric would be my number 1. Turmeric is an herb and its benefits are endless, including it's major anti-inflammatory properties. Check out more on my love of Turmeric here. 

So lets talk about the supplements and marketing of today and why I get very specific when recommending anything of the sort to my clients. Especially in today’s over saturated market of quick fixes and false promises, it is important to focus on quality over quantity in regards to supplements and anything health related. The goal with any supplement, in my humble opinion, is always a 100% Whole Food based, cold pressed, organic products from a reputable company. My all time favorite company is Megafood. They own their own farms, grow their own food and cold press their supplements in their own manufacturing plant, yes please.

If vitamins or supplements make you feel nauseous, (detoxing excluded) a common complaint, that means they are synthetic. Your body is not recognizing what they are, is unable to break them down and that is why you feel sick. They have no health benefit so please do not waste your money on them. A supplement is meant to “supplement” some type of nutrition, real food does not make us feel sick and neither should our supplements. Grocery store brands, drugstore brands, etc. are mainly marketing and money. You are 100% better off heading over to the produce department and picking up your vitamins there in the form of real food. 

Because there are very lax regulations on supplements, companies are able to falsely advertise, especially when it comes to the words natural, healthy, wellness and any other trendy buzz words. It is up to us to inform ourselves, research companies and/or find qualified therapists help us navigate through the world of wellness to recognize and eliminate companies based on false advertising and low quality products. Do not hesitate to call companies and ask questions. 

In a perfect world, there would not be much of a need for supplements but the soils providing our food is unfortunately depleted of many essential nutrients that at one time were abundant. Eating a whole food and plant based diet, drinking lots of clean water and eliminating processed foods as much as possible is the best avenue for optimal health and a glowing complexion. Supplement when needed but be sure to do your research first. I’ve listed below any supplements I have found helpful in my diet and 100% of the time, I prefer my herbs and supplements in powder or liquid form regardless of taste, which takes less energy for your body to breakdown, absorb and utilize. 

Raw Turmeric in powder form…Cleanses, detoxifies, boosts immune health, decreases joint pain, helps with a wealth of inflammatory skin conditions and is natures answer to inflammation.

Mega-Food Daily Energy Multi…A simple multi-vitamin in powder form containing the essential vitamins A,B,C,D,E and K. Eating clean and geared towards our Ayurvedic constitutions is the number way to support ourselves holistically but the depletion of nutrients, as well as our Vata-geniclifestyles may sometimes call for an extra boost. When the need arises, be sure to supplement from a whole food based and clean source.  

Calm Magnesium Powder…Magnesium works to relax muscles and soothe tension, assisting in relieving insomnia, restless legs, anxiety, low mood, headaches, constipation and may lessen teeth grinding during sleep too, which induces dull morning headaches, not a way anybody wants to begin their day. Magnesium calms a racing mind and can be helpful during daytime stressors by clearing anxieties that lead to lack of focus. 

Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil…Omegas for skin, brain and mood health. Omegas support the millions of cells throughout our bodies by keeping them hydrated and lubricated. Healthy, hydrated cell walls create superior communication between cells, equaling ideal functions throughout the body. Omegas hydrate and support healthy skin tissue from the inside out. 

Standard Process Probiotic from my Acupuncturists office. These are medical grade probiotics so check with your acupuncturist, naturopath, etc for their recommendations. An intestinal tract with no healthy bacteria has no defense against the toxins we fight and ingest everyday. A healthy, microbe balanced gut absorbs the vitamins and nutrients we need from food and eliminates waste and toxins quickly and efficiently, avoiding toxic build up in the body,  leading to sluggishness, low energy, bloating, lack of nutrient absorption and eventually a host of chronic health problems.

Jen | Mininal Beauty