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“The less you interfere with the skin’s own ability to achieve balance, the better.” - Evan Healy 

Our skin is our largest organ and plays a vital role, protecting us from environmental elements, maintaining body temperature, minimizing water loss, regulating sweat production and protecting our underlying structures such as blood vessels, nerves and organs. The skin is a large representation of what we are manifesting internally as well, pretty fascinating.

We are made up of trillions of cells working together with one another to create and transform the many functions and cellular responses continuously occurring throughout the body. The skin does not need an overabundance of products to do it's job. Skin is always striving for homeostasis.

Clean, concentrated and botanically based products are clear and simple for the body to recognize and utilize, as well as ingredients that mimic our own skin barrier and sebum. When we overload and suffocate skin with unnecessary and unidentifiable ingredients, our bodies are unable to process or utilize these substances beneficially, This goes for our topical products as well as the foods or anything else we ingest.   

Below is a simple formula I share with clients while we curate their homecare routines. rate their at home routines. 

Morning Rituals | Mornings are for gently waking up the skin and to prepare and protect the skin from daily environmental elements and the sun’s harmful UV rays

Cleanse. Sleeping with cleansed skin is an absolute must so gentle cleansers, try cleansing with raw honey in the a.m., are ideal for morning use. Wash face with tepid water using gentle, awakening movements on the skin, lightly increasing circulation and waking up the skin. Gently rinse and follow with hydrating toner/mist and daytime protective products. I recommend saving your exfoliating or masking treatments for evening and self care rituals before bed, as our skin repairs while we sleep. 

Tone. Hydrate. Hydrating facial toners are an essential step for optimal skin health, hydration and product absorption. A hydrating facial toner supports skin's water factor/hydration component, which differs from facial oils and serums, which support skins moisture/oil component. Mist your facial toner over cleansed skin before serum application; skin must be hydrated first in order to retain moisture. 

Another option is to spritz toner onto organic cotton and swipe over complexion using upward and outward strokes. This hydrates and preps while removing any cleanser or make-up residue (more for night time concerns) that can leave skin feeling heavy and disrupt absorption of serums. 

Tip: Enjoy misting skin throughout the day over make-up or bare skin for a refreshing pick-me-up.

Eye Cream. The skin around our eyes is the most delicate skin on our bodies and battles the wear and tear of the environment and make-up products daily. Our eyes are a large reflection of internal health and are usually one of the first areas to show signs of aging. A healthy eye serum/cream will help support hydration and nourish delicate eye area, a key component in addressing any concerns in the area. Apply your daily eye product with ring finger, dab lightly to spread and gently massage in, assisting in both lymphatic drainage and product absorption around delicate eye area. 

Serum. Moisturize. Apply your facial serum or oil to cleansed, moist skin after your toning ritual & gently press onto skin and massage in lightly with upward and outward circular motions. Taking the time to lightly massage your products into your skin will support circulation throughout complexion and allow for deeper penetration of active ingredients. Follow with SPF for your daytime protection. 

Sun Protection Factor. Apply your non-chemical sunblock daily, no matter the cloud level in the sky, especially in tropical climates. Look for non-chemical sunblocks such as titanium and zinc dioxide. These minerals create a physical barrier from damaging UV rays. They are the most protective and beneficial sunblocks on the market.

Most important, be consistent. 

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Jen | Mininal Beauty