On Beauty

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I believe in a simple, curated and individualized skin health regime for everyone. When we have the proper foundation and understanding of our individual skin health needs, you are going to be saving yourself a lot of money, frustration, toxicity and time. We are all individuals but the one thing we all have in common is that none of us are or will ever benefit from conventional, toxin filled, slathered on 50 ingredient plus skin care products. Less is more, it doesn’t matter if you are fighting acne or aging. Claims, advertisements and packaging slogans mean nothing in the world of conventional cosmetics. It up to us as individuals to seek out, research and support the ethical and skin loving beauty products that ARE on the market.

I am a holistic facialist, I beautify, balance and restore the skin, one face at a time. Nothing excites me more than seeing my clients radiant complexions and the happiness this brings them. I thrive on educating clients on healthy skin practices from the inside out. I recommend everything to assist in healthy skin practices from tailored home care routines, the importance of self care, monthly facial sessions, to dietary habits, yoga, Ayurveda and breath work to support a radiant complexion. What I love most is witnessing my clients make the transition from complicated and conventional to simple and holistic and the abundance of positive results. This not only improves skin on the surface but deepens their connection to themselves and creates intuitive lifestyle habits that will support healthy aging for a lifetime. 

Jen | Mininal Beauty