The Oil Cleansing Method

Today I’m sharing my version of the Oil Cleansing Method with one of my favorite products of all time, Josh Rosebrook Herbal Infusion Oil. This is a multi functional product and can be used to remove make-up, oil cleanse the skin and also as a facial oil. Its entirely balanced and I use it in almost every facial treatment. I’m elaborating on this method because I shared a post this week about the importance of cleansing in general and how disruptive over cleansing is for the vitality and vibrancy of our skin and received a lot of questions on cleansing. You can check out the detailed post here.

When should I Oil Cleanse?

Oil cleansing is a beneficial choice for both AM and PM cleansing rituals. The tutorial I've shared today is how I oil cleanse in the morning, as I've added a focus on lymphatic movement and awakening the skin tissue in general. 2 things: The body detoxes through the skin while we sleep but since we are obviously stationary while we sleep, it is vital to make movement of the tissue and complexion in the morning a priority to help along the body in the detoxification process and disperse stagnation/puffiness/etc.

Oil cleansing is most definitely for your PM routine too, as the correct oil cleanser will breakdown and remove your make-up and SPF. Just as in the AM, be sure to remove the oil with a warm cloth. If you feel like oil cleansing in the evening is not enough then you can try the double cleansing method.

Another tip I share with my clients is a reminder that morning skincare routines are for gently waking up the skin and to prepare and protect the complexion from daily environmental elements and the sun’s UV rays. Save the active cleansers, exfoliators, scrubs, etc for the evening. What the skin benefits most from in the morning is movement.

What is the double cleansing method?

The double cleansing method is a great choice for an evening cleanse. You can begin with a thorough oil cleanse with warm cloth removal as recommended above and follow with a second cleanser of choice. My number one rule of thumb, NO cleansers that leave your skin tight, dry or squeaky clean so be sure you are following with a gentle cleanser of choice.

Who can oil Cleanse?

Pretty much all skin types can oil cleanse and many complexions I see benefit from oil cleansing. The most important rule of thumb is to be sure you are using a high quality cleanser that has been formulated with a balanced omega ratio and intentional botanical blend. If you are opting for pure, single oils, do not add essential oils. Incorrect ratios and dilutions of essential oils can cause a host of skin irritations in general. If you have tried oil cleansing and were less than impressed, keep in mind that the quality of the oil/formulation is vital.

What Oil Cleanser should I use?

This is vital. With the popularity of oils, it is important to seek out companies that have extremely elevated practices with both their formulations, processing and sources of ingredients. As mentioned above, omega ratios and the formulations can make or break your experience with oil cleansing.

If you're on a budget and/or seeking a single oil, opt for Jojoba, Grape seed or Hemp oil. The molecular structure of Jojoba oil is very similar to the structure of the sebum/oil our skin naturally produces and is my top recommendation if you are looking for a single oil to use. Please do not use Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil and keep in mind that the removal with a warm cloth is vital for the cleansing process to be fully effective. To opt on the safe side, start with Jojoba. Always be sure to remove oil with a warm cloth, it is always part of the process no matter what oil you are using.

What if I have acne?

Acne is of course always trickier when sharing universal tips because each case is so different. However, keep in mind that one of the most common connections I see in acne is that the person is using a drying/stripping cleansers because the mindset of drying the skin out and over exfoliating is still such a common answer. If you are dealing with acne, you must opt for very intentionally formulated oils. Oils are magnificent but certain ratios can cause additional inflammation in the skin and as with everything, source, quality and processing of the oils makes a huge difference. Opt for plain, organic jojoba oil or check out my recommendations below.

Top Oil Cleansers

Josh Rosebrook Herbal Infusion Oil
Recommend for all skin types

Marie Veronnique Essential Oil Free Cleanser
Highly Recommend for sensitized skin and acne prone skin

Pai Oil Cleanser

Organic Jojoba Oil

Oil Cleansing Steps

1. Apply generous amount of oil to complexion and do not neglect the chest and neck. This area is vital to open and clear for the drainage of lymph and overall detoxification of the complexion. My pressure throughout the cleansing process is firm/medium.

2. Open and clear the chest and neck, tapotement from the chest up the face, get the energy and fluid moving.

3. Follow movements from center of face outwards, following lymphatic pathways.

4. Work the tissue around the parotid fascia in front of the ear. Especially if you clench or grind teeth while sleeping, the tissue in this area can become tight and constricted.

5. Drain gently around sinuses, nose and eyes.

6. Give the forehead some love.

7. Work back down the complexion, supporting the drainage of lymph

8. Remove oil with warm cloth. Compress cloth onto skin, let the warmth hug the tissues and remove from center of face outwards. Be sure to remove all oil, especially if this is your evening routine that includes removing make-up and SPF.

10. If you have acne, keep all movements extremely light in order to focus on moving the lymph while you cleanse.

9. Follow with toner, serum, oil and SPF. (stay tuned for more on those)

(P.S.- The video has been slightly sped up and sorry for the vertical/portrait, I forgot about that whole landscape setting. I am who I am!)