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The Benefits of Gua Sha and Face Massage

Gua Sha is an ancient Eastern Modality that uses a stone board/tool on the skin to create a light, intentional friction through specific techniques in order to stimulate blood flow, clear stagnation, tap into the energetic pathways of the face, melt facial tension, lift, sculpt and support the natural flow of lymphatic drainage. The benefits of both Gua Sha and face massage are endless.

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Are You a Skin Picker? Read About Acne Here

Cystic breakouts under the skin can be extremely irritating and painful and may not always come to a head. Cysts are deep in the surface of the skin. Trying to dig and pop out these types of cysts causes an extreme amount of inflammation and in no way helps to alleviate the existing cyst or prevent more. If you tend to pick your skin when skin inflammations pop up, think again.

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